EL House Update

★ EL House Update


- The ability to teleport between EL House and Guild Headquarters has been added.

- The EL House can be entered from the field.

- Whoever is in the EL House is no longer visible in the village.

- You can now right-click on a character and click ‘View’ to visit a character’s house directly, without visiting the NPC Aranka.


- You can visit another player’s EL House immediately upon invitation.
  If the opportunity has passed, talk to Aranka to get a new invitation.
- The camera can be moved freely in the EL House Studio.
- Aranka’s crafting list now includes the categories ‘Season Furniture’ and ‘Normal Furniture’, which can now be viewed separately.
- Added the epic quest [EL House] My Own House! The ‘[Luriel] House Contract’ can only be obtained once per account.
  The quest is performed per account.
- The NPC Aranka now sells the ‘House Contract (120 days)’.
- Some standard contents of the EL House DIY have been changed.
- Repeatable quests will be accepted automatically when the character is in the house.
- Jobs can now be used in the House.
- There are now three rows in the Editing Mode so that you can view your own furniture more clearly.
- If nothing is entered into the Search box in Editing Mode, the list will be reset.

Guest Book

Write an introductory text for your EL House.

Leave a message on a friend’s EL House or click ‘Like’.

- The total number of ‘Likes’ as well as the daily number of ‘Likes’ are displayed. The latter are reset daily at 9:00 AM.

- There is a maximum of 100 ‘Likes’ per day and a maximum of 1 ‘Like’ per house. Resets at 9:00 AM.

* The guest book can be used without having placed a piece of furniture.


★ Updates to Sound Settings

1. Volume settings

Go to System -> Options-> Sound [Quest Event Scene], [Voices], [Battle Sound] and [Sound Effects] to apply settings in detail.



Quest Event Scene

Volume of all sounds in Quest Event Scene


Volume of voices

- Adjustable: Character, monster and NPC voices

- Not adjustable: Pet voices

Battle sound

Volume of regular battle sounds and critical hits in dungeon and in PvP

Sound effects

Volume of all other sound effects


2. Overlapping battle sounds

Multiple battle sounds playing at the same time will be restricted so that all sounds remain audible.




Regular battle sounds, sounds from critical hits


A maximum of 2 character battle sounds are played at the same time.

A maximum of 2 critical hit battle sounds are played at the same time.


A maximum of 2 monster hit battle sounds are played at the same time.

★ Characters


1. Fixed an error which caused the New Arrival: Elstar trinityACE avatar (available from the Elstar Debut Concert Event Dungeon) to be stored in the account bank.


★ Quest

1. Fixed an error in the quest requirements for [Studio] Design (Third District), which is now correctly Belder Dungeon.


★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

1. Fixed an error which caused Herbaon’s voice to play twice after completing the Nasod Test Lab dungeon.


★ Misc

1. Changes to the description text of time-limited title items:

Previous text: ‘When using a title that is already in use, its duration is extended accordingly.’

New text: ‘When using a title that is already in use, its duration will be reset.’

2. If the keyboard’s numpad does not have an ‘Enter’ key, the standard Enter key can be used.

3. ‘Horn of Oblivion’: The description of the item has been revised (also in the guild skills).

4. The error that caused the ‘Rest to Reform’ buff not to be applied after cancelling a dungeon matching has been fixed.

5. Change: In the Practice Battle -> Team Deathmatch, the enemy team now earns a point if a player kills themselves or a teammate.

6. Fixed an error which caused the character in the character window to be displayed incorrectly after switching to the channel selection window.

7. It is no longer possible to edit the Resonance Grade Window while queuing for dungeon/PvP matching.

8. Change: The Eldrit Seeker Collection’s Synergy Effect can only be used in the village.

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