The Field Bosses

Hi there,

tomorrow from 9am (UTC+1) until 1pm (UTC+1), we will have a maintenance.

Look forward to the new challenge: Show your true power and defeat the field bosses!

Oh, what is that? We see the special ice sculpture heater for the salvatore solace set available in the itemshop. Style up your character with the new accessories which are also now available in the shop.

Due to some troubles with the last events, the complete release-event for the dimension witch and a part of the pre-event of the dimension witch will be active for another week.

In addition it is possible to switch items from one character to the other using the shared bank system.

Have fun!

Event title: The Field Bosses
Event timeframe: 07.08.2013 – 21.08.2013
Event list:

  1. Meet the Field Bosses
  2. The Monster Lexicon
  3. The Field Boss Jackpot Cube

Event details:

1. Meet the Field Bosses
Aranka has 6 quests for you, in which you will need to defeat the field bosses in each of the regions (level 10+).

2. The Monster Lexicon
Once you are connected to the game for at least a minute, you will receive the 'ES-888 Camera (20 days)' accessory. The field bosses will drop 'Boss Monster Film', with which you can shoot photos of the field bosses.
Aranka has the appropriate quests (level 10+) for this: take pictures of all field bosses (cannot be exchanged or traded) and craft the chapters of the Monster Lexicon with Aranka. You can then exchange these for cool items.
The 'ES-888 Camera (black)' and the 'ES-889 Camera (pink)' are also available in the item shop.

3. The Field Boss Jackpot Cube
Once you have been connected to the game for 30 minutes, you will receive the 'Field Boss Jackpot Cube' (cannot be exchanged or traded, will be deleted during the next maintenance). Using the 'Lucky Opener' that you will receive from the field boss images, you will be able to open it and in doing so, receive 2 to 10 Field Boss Cubes.

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