Update: Aisha’s 4th Path

★ Update: Aisha’s 4th Path

Aisha’s 4th path has been added: join the ambitious mage on her road to immortality!

* Wiz Mage – Mystic Alchemist – Lord Azoth

- Introduction: An alchemist who uses arcane techniques to brew up new substances.

She can summon a homunculus and battles with colourful flask bombs.

- Attack mode: Attack

- Attack range: medium

★ Eldrit Seeker Collection for Aisha’s 4th Path

- The collection for Aisha’s 4th path has been added.

- Synergy attributes will be added later.

Aisha’s 4th Path Collection

Collection Level

Collection Effect

Level 1

Cooldown of consumables -6% (max. -30%)

Level 2

Cooldown of consumables -8% (max. -30%)

Level 3

Cooldown of consumables -10% (max. -30%)

★ Interface Changes

1. Chat Window Changes

The chat window interface has been improved. Additional settings have been added to individual chat tabs, and the transparency and font size can now be adjusted. The scroll button functionality and other settings have been improved to make the chat easier to use.


1. Chat Updates

- The megaphone chat is now displayed.

- Chats can be split into separate tabs.

- A custom chat tab has been added that allows you to set up a chat window with partner/marriage or master search.

 The previous tab for this has been deleted.

- In each chat window, text size, transparency and other functions can be adjusted separately.

- The chat window can now be resized and moved around. It can also be minimised (exception: megaphone chat).

- You can now view emotes and keyboard shortcuts.


2. Chat Settings

- Each chat tab can have its own settings. Previously selected options have been reset.

- There are now four settings for font size.

- Transparency can be set between 0–100% (at 0%, the chat windows looks as it did before).


3. New Functions and Additional Extended Settings

- The chat scroll can be fixed so that even when a new chat is entered, the window won’t scroll down to the bottom.

- When the chat window is minimised or new messages can’t be viewed because scrolling has been fixed, an exclamation mark will be displayed.

- Voice input can now be switched between KR/DE by toggling an icon.

- Under System -> Options, the Master option has been removed.

- Emotes can now also be entered as a chat command.


2. Other Interface Improvements

We’re constantly making minor improvements to the interface for better readability etc. As part of this update, the design of the CoBo Teleport Service, game start notification, epic quests and region pop-ups has been changed. Further improvements are in the pipeline.


1) CoBo Teleport Service: New Interface

The CoBo Teleport Service in the new design can easily be moved wherever you like, and you can also adjust the size of the window. Villages you visit frequently can now be selected from your favourites.

* The menu can be freely moved and resized as desired.

* Using hot keys no longer makes a menu pop up over the cursor.

* You can’t move to a region that you’re already in.

* Frequently visited regions will be added to favourites (max. 5).


2) Game Start: New Interface

The game start has a new design in dungeons/PvP.


3) Epic Quest, Region Pop-Up: New Interface

Epic quest starts and region pop-ups have been redesigned.

* Pressing ESC or right-clicking the image dismisses the notification.


4) New Nasod Megaphone Design

★ Misc

1. Even adventurers with a character slot maximum can now discover Aisha’s 4th path using slot expansion (previously: max. 57 --> now: max. 58).

2. Incorrect skill damage and experience values displayed in the dungeon results window have been fixed.


3. Whispering to yourself displays in a special font.

4. Inviting a group member by right-clicking on their portrait no longer opens a chat window by default.

5. After selecting the body area on the pin board, the search window now displays correctly.

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