Update 22.0629

★ New Region and Dungeon Update – Tirnog

This update brings with the new region of ‘Tirnog’ along with Magmelia Village, as well as the ‘Theme Park Entrance’ and ‘Tricky House’ dungeons.

* You can enter Tirnog by playing through the associated epic quest.


▣ New Village: Magmelia

- Magmelia, The Village of Dream Shadows, has been added.

- Once you’ve played through the quest ‘[Epic] Enter Tirnog’ you can use the CoBo Teleport Service or the portal on the right side of the map for ‘Meeting point: Aurora Base Area’.

- This will let you travel from Elyanod to Magmelia.


▣ New Dungeons: Theme Park Entrance & Tricky House

- The dungeons ‘Theme Park Entrance’ and ‘Tricky House’ will be added in the region of Tirnog.

- You can enter the dungeons in Tirnog once you’ve completed the quest ‘[Epic] Enter Tirnog’.


Entry Requirements

Demon World Debuff


Theme Park Entrance

Lv. 99

Battle Strength: at least 3,000,000


1 to 4

Tricky House


★ New Equipment – Tenebrous Armour

★ New Equipment: Tenebrous Armour

The update will also add Tenebrous equipment, which has been crafted using Tenebrous’ shadow aura and Tasma’s illusion aura. You can get the Tenebrous armour in the Tirnog dungeons. You can also craft it yourself, however, by collecting Tenebrous Fragments and taking them to the NPC Betty in Magmelia Village.
* You can get Tenebrous Fragments in Tirnog dungeons or by dismantling Tenebrous armour.
* Tenebrous armour is available twice a day in the dungeons ‘Theme Park Entrance’ and ‘Tricky House’.

▣ Forging the Tenebrous Armour

There’s a system that lets you make the Tenebrous armour even stronger. Depending on the forging level, the upgrade level of the Tenebrous armour increases and it gains an additional forging effect. The Equipment Refiner in Elyanod Village or Betty in Magmelia Village can help you with forging.



[Tenebrous Forging]

Select Tasma Aura or Tenebrous Aura as material to carry out the Tenebrous forging.


Available via

Tasma Aura

Tirnog dungeons

Tenebrous Aura

Tirnog dungeons, Tirnog daily quests

(These quests are account quests.)

Magic Crystal

Completing dungeons or dismantling equipment


[Forging Level Transfer]

You can transfer the forging level of your Celestial Prism armour to your Tenebrous armour. The transfer is only possible from forging level 18 onwards and between armour of the same dressing area. There are two types of forging level transfer: normal and special. Depending on the forging level, the materials consumed may vary. The transferred forging level is 6 levels lower than the original one. (Example: If you perform the transfer using Celestial Prism armour with forging level 18, the Tenebrous armour will receive forging level 12.)

* The forging level and success meter of the source armour will be removed.

* The Celestial Prism armour and the boost stat used during the forging level transfer will not disappear.

* The success meter of the target armour will be reset. Once the transfer is complete, the armour can no longer be sealed.


[Level Transfer Ticket]

Applies to

Celestial Prism armour from forging level 18 and Tenebrous armour up to forging level 11.


You can use Level Transfer Tickets as material for the Forging Level Transfer (special) to transfer the forging level of a piece of Celestial Prism armour (min. forging level 18) to a piece of Tenebrous armour (max. forging level 11). Available in the item shop after maintenance on 29th June.

Responsible NPC

Basilli (Magmelia)

▣ Shadow Options and Options Storage
While Tenebrous armour does not come with own set effects, it does have shadow options that have special effects. You can identify the options for your armour using Shadow Option Scrolls. After identification, 3 shadow options (◆, ◆◆, ◆◆◆) are activated that differ from each other depending on their row.
* You can find Shadow Option Scrolls in dungeons in Tirnog, or you can have Betty make them for you.
* Shadow options can only be identified once. Identified shadow options can be extracted from the Tenebrous armour and stored in the options storage.

[Options Storage]

You can extract identified shadow options and save them in the options storage at Basilli in Magmelia.
The saved options can be granted to other pieces of Tenebrous armour.
For each dressing area (top, leg guards, gloves, shoes) there are 3 slots in the options storage that can be expanded up to a maximum of 6 slots.
* The extracted options remain specific to the equipment field and are saved per character.

▣ Additional improvements to the interface

1. Changes to the interface in the queue for the dungeon/PvP matching

1) The design of the queue display prior to the dungeon/PvP matching has been changed.

2) The design of the pop-ups that appear in the village when you start a dungeon or PvP battle has been changed.

3) The design of the pop-up that appears as part of the request for a 1-on-1 duel has been changed.

4) The design of the pop-up that appears during the rank change following an official PvP battle has been changed.

★ Change to the daily quests in Varnimyr and Pruinaum

The daily quests in Varnimyr and Pruinaum will be replaced by daily special rewards.

Old: Daily quest

As of now: Award of daily special rewards

- The daily special rewards for the dungeons are as follows:

Varnimyr Dungeon

Reward Items

Pruinaum Dungeon

Reward Items

Labyrinth of Ruin

2x Superb Magic Stone (red)


1x Superb Glyph Stone (purple)

Guardian’s Forest

2x Superb Magic Stone (blue)

Abandoned Village

1x Superb Glyph Stone (indigo)

Dark Elves’ Outpost

2x Superb Magic Stone (yellow)

Sanctuary of Souls

2x Superb Glyph Stone (purple)

Forsaken Sanctuary of Spirits

1x Superb Magic Stone (red)

2x Superb Glyph Stone (indigo)

1x Superb Magic Stone (blue)

2x Superb Glyph Stone (gold)

1x Superb Magic Stone (yellow)

Capital City Train

1x Superb Glyph Stone (purple)

Shadow Run

2x Superb Magic Stone (red)

1x Superb Glyph Stone (indigo)

2x Superb Magic Stone (blue)

1x Superb Glyph Stone (gold)

2x Superb Magic Stone (yellow)

 ★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

1. We fixed an issue which meant that in Phase 2 in ‘Altar of Dreams’ that hits landed by group members who are not the host were not calculated correctly in certain instances.

★ Miscellaneous

1. We fixed an issue that led to the quality units under ‘System > Options > Recording’ were set unconventionally.

before: 8,000k, 16,000k, 22,000k, 44,000k

corrected: 8kHz, 16kHz, 22kHz, 44kHz

2. We fixed an issue that meant the [Confirm/Cancel] button in the Matching interface occasionally wasn’t displaying correctly with the resolution set to 2580x1080.

3. We fixed an issue that resulted in messages in the chat window being displayed incorrectly if ‘Greater Gnosis Blessing’ was used in the guild.

4. We fixed an issue that caused the chat to be displayed incorrectly if the command ‘/Cube’ was entered on the field.

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