Ara’s 4th Path

★ Update: Ara’s 4th Path

Guide of All Creations Ara receives her 4th path!

* Little Helper – Marici – Surya


- Introduction: This class can be granted various powers by animal spiritsand attack opponents or support allies.

- Attack type: magic attack

- Range: medium


★ Eldrit Seeker Collection for Ara’s 4th Path

- Added the collection for Ara’s 4th path.

- Synergy attributes will be added later.

Collection for Ara’s 4th Path

Collection Level

Collection Effect

Level 1

EXP gain +1%

Level 2

EXP gain +2%

Level 3

EXP gain +3%

★ Improved Playability

1. Everywhere in the game where the PvP ranking is visible, the new ranking icon is now also displayed.

2. Any character dies who does not enter the next stage in a dungeon within the set time.

3. The maximum number of stacks of the following items has been updated (1,000 each):

- Blessed Time-Space Scroll (also CoBo, Special, Luriel’s, Aranka’s)

- Hidden Power of the Artefact Scroll (also CoBo, Luriel’s, Aranka’s)

- Tenebrous Aura

4. When the game is minimised, the icon in the taskbar will flash as soon as one of these situations occurs:

- A group request reaches you after a group list request was made

- The dungeon matching is completed and you’re about to enter the dungeon

5. Damage dealt through the ‘n% of inflicted damage as continuous damage’ socket is also taken into account and displayed in the results window after completing a dungeon.

Conversion: Group ↔ Search Party

While playing in a group, you can use the new system to easily switch between group and search party for more convenient entry into search party dungeons (raids, giant bosses, etc.).

- Right-click on the character portrait in the top left > Convert into group or search party

- Can only be done by the leader of the group/search party.

- Search parties consisting of more than 5 people cannot be converted into a group.

- Conversion is not possible while the group list is being used to assemble a group or search party.

- Conversion is not possible while dungeon or PvP matching is in progress.

★ Miscellaneous

1. Those adventurers who have used up all their character slots should also have the chance to try out Ara’s 4th path. That’s why the maximum number of character slots is increased (max. 59 slots > max. 60 slots).

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