Update: Lu/Ciel’s 4th Path

★ Update: Lu/Ciel’s 4th Path

Lu/Ciel’s 4th Path is finally available! - The Ruler Lost to the Void, and Her Ruthless Servant

* Emptiness – Turbids – Demersio


Introduction: Id and Ego manifested in the abyss. This class can select and play one of these two roles based on the battle situation they’re in.

- Attack type: magic attack

- Range: medium


★ Eldrit Seeker Collection for Lu/Ciel’s 4th Path

Added the collection for Lu/Ciel’s 4th Path.

Synergy attributes will be added later.

The Collection for Lu/Ciel’s 4th Path.

Collection Level

Collection Effect

Level 1

Adaptability +0.5% (max. +45%)

Level 2

Adaptability +0.75% (max. +45%)

Level 3

Adaptability +1% (max. +45%)

★ Item

The item ‘Mysterious Collection Book’ can no longer be traded.

It can still be sold back for 60,000,000 ED.

★ Misc.

Of course, adventurers who have used up all their character slots should also have the chance to try out Lu/Ciel’s 4th path, so the number of character slots will be increased. (Max. 60 > Max. 61)

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