Pet PvP

★ Pet PvP

In Pet PvP, each character chooses 3 mighty pets to fight against their opponent’s pets.

By using your Attack/Defence/Hone/Recovery/Switch actions wisely, you can build a strategy to defeat your opponent!

* You can only access Pet PvP via matching or via invitation from friends.


1. Entry and Requirements

a) How to Enter

Access Pet PvP via the Pet PvP tab in the Pet UI, or by pressing the hotkey.

b) Entry Requirements

Level 99+ characters, with 3 mighty pets.

You cannot access Pet PvP while a pet expedition force is active. As well as this, VIP Pets, Pets currently placed in the EL House, and pets that are restricted cannot take part in Pet PvP.

Your character will not be able to teleport, talk to an NPC, or open other UI menus while you have the Pet PvP UI open.


2. Game Rules

a) Preparing to Play

You must place a mighty pet in each of the 3 slots. Pets have three attributes: (Ferocity), (Willpower), and (Intelligence).

Select a Development Effect: Random, Enthusiasm, Persistence, Training, Presence.

Once you have completed the required preparations, you can enter matching or send your invitation.

Pet Property Matchups

Pet Property

Matchup Info


Deal lots of damage to willpower pets.

Don’t deal so much damage to intelligence pets.


Deal lots of damage to intelligence pets.

Don’t deal so much damage to ferocity pets.


Deal lots of damage to ferocity pets.

Don’t deal so much damage to willpower pets.


Development Effects

* The more Development Points you have, the more likely it is that an effect will be active. (max. 40%)

* You may select one Development Effect per pet.

Development Effect



Randomly selects one of the four effects (Enthusiasm/Persistence/Training/Presence).


Has a certain chance to let your pet act first.


Has a certain chance to let your pet regenerate more HP.


Has a certain chance to let your pet land a critical hit.


Has a certain chance to let your pet avoid an enemy attack.


2) Game Start

Each round has a time limit. You can select 3 actions per round.

Once the game starts, you’ll have 15 seconds to choose from the actions in the action slot.

Your pet will complete each action one after another.

You win once the opposing pets are no longer able to act.




Your pet attacks the opposing pet, dealing damage to them.


Your pet avoids the opposing pet’s attack. Can only be used 3x per game.

If your pet is knocked out before the action takes place, then this does not count as 1x use.


Your pet’s attack will be increased in the next round.

This effect remains active for the next 2 rounds, and cannot be doubled up.

If you switch out a pet affected by Hone, the effect is removed.

The duration of the effect will appear as a buff countdown in the UI (at the top). Once your pet performs an attack, the buff is removed.


Your pet regenerates HP. Can only be used 1x per game.


Switches out the current pet for another one.

When you Switch a pet, the next pet becomes the active pet and will perform the actions you selected.

Switching your pet lets your opponent attack first in the next round.


3) Rewards

Complete daily Pet PvP quests to receive rewards. (per account)

The quests will be updated daily at 9 AM.

Quest Name



[Pet PvP] Pet Teamwork!

Win in Pet PvP 1x

(Use Random Matching.)

Honour Trainer Insignia


★ Misc.

1. The following items, that were available via weekly quests from the 29th June 2022, will be deleted after the 7th December 2022 maintenance period: [CoBo] Blessed Fluorite Stone, [CoBo] Blessed Scroll of Revitalisation.

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