Shopupdate 2022-12-07

A wind gusted by the might of El will be blowing through the world of Elsword on 2022-12-07 (at 9 AM CET)! Materials of all forms and items refresh and the offering of the in-game shop will be changing.

New in the Shop
EL House DIY (Angelic Rest)
‘Let’s Go!’ Emote (Elsword)
‘Who Should I Target?’ Emote (Aisha)
‘Well Done!’ Emote (Rena)
‘Nervous’ Emote (Raven)
‘Congratulations!’ Emote (Eve)
‘Bolt from the Blue’ Emote (Chung)
‘I Need Popcorn!’ Emote (Ara)
‘I Don’t Want to Get Up!’ Emote (Elesis)
Luriel’s ‘Keyboard Warrior’ Emote (Add)
‘Good Mood’ Emote (Lu)
‘Don’t Give Up!’ Emote (Ciel)
‘???’ Emote (Rose)
‘Laughing’ Emote (Ain)
‘Incredible!’ Emote (Laby)
‘I Give Up’ Emote (Berrut)
‘Give Me That!’ Emote (Frost Hedgehog)
Frost Hedgehog Emote ‘That isn’t true!’
Emote ‘Stories of the Moon’ (Noah)
Frost Hedgehog Emote ‘I don’t like this!’
Frost Hedgehog Emote ‘Tadaaa!’
Summoning Stone: Deca's Chair Type H
Summoning Stone: Space Moon Rabbit
Summoning Stone: Kun
Summoning Stone (Gold Falcon)
Summoning Stone: Bebe
Summoning Stone: Somi
Summoning Stone: Bike - Nell
Summoning Stone: Celes
Summoning Stone: Blackgrip
Summoning Stone: Quackiquack
Summoning Stone: Shaviana Carpet
Summoning Stone: Hoverbike
Summoning Stone: Tyutyu
Ice Sculpture Heater Pack (Noah, 1+1, Perkisas)
Ice Sculpture Heater (Noah, Perkisas)
Ice Sculpture Heater Pack (Noah, 1+1, Belder Knight Academy)
Ice Sculpture Heater (Belder Knight Academy, Noah)

The following items will be removed from the shop
Ice Sculpture Heater (Noah, Gold Falcon)
Ice Sculpture Heater (Noah, Archpriest)
EL House DIY (Penthouse)

Have fun shopping!
The Elsword Team

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