Shopupdate 04.01.2023

A wind gusted by the might of El will be blowing through the world of Elsword on 04.01.2023 (at 9 AM CET)! Materials of all forms and items refresh and the offering of the in-game shop will be changing.

New in the Shop
Snow Bunny Pack (dusty pink)
Snow Bunny Pack (pigeon blue)
Ice Sculpture Heater Pack (Noah, 1+1, Fox Warrior)
Ice Sculpture Heater (Noah, Fox Warrior)

The following items will be removed from the shop
Summoning Stone: Deca's Chair Type H
Summoning Stone: Space Moon Rabbit
Summoning Stone: Kun
Summoning Stone (Gold Falcon)
Summoning Stone: Bebe
Summoning Stone: Somi
Summoning Stone: Bike - Nell
Summoning Stone: Celes
Summoning Stone: Blackgrip
Summoning Stone: Quackiquack
Summoning Stone: Shaviana Carpet
Summoning Stone: Hoverbike
Summoning Stone: Tyutyu
Ice Sculpture Heater Pack (Ocean Myths, 1+1)
Ice Sculpture Heater (Noah, Masquerade)
[NOAH] Elios Park: Jump on the Carousel! (2 people, Noah)
Elios Pass Season 1 (Premium)
2,000 EXP Ticket

Note: the name of some items is wrong. Please pay close attention to the display: you will get the color that is shown to you, the name of the item will show you the wrong color, though. This is known and will be addressed as soon as possible.

Have fun shopping!
The Elsword Team

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