Trading Bulletin Board Update

★ Trading Bulletin Board Update on 18/1/2023

Preview of the new Trading Bulletin Board, releasing 18th January 2023.


1. Misusing the market (controlling the market)

Having control of the market has its consequences.


We are aware that there are users who purchase large amounts of certain items and stockpile them, so that they can sell them to other users for a higher price and make huge profits. Users that take part in events later than others, or who are new to the game and require certain ‘older’ items, are being swindled, plain and simple.


In order to prevent users from misusing the market, we will be making older, unavailable items, mounts, pets, and rare avatar sets available again via the new trading bulletin board.

* We will disclose the specific items that will be made available at a later date. Please bear with us for not disclosing any further details about this yet.


2. Repeatedly buying large amounts of items depending on the market rate

The Sales Service Licence was introduced to make trading easier for users. Unfortunately, this item has come to be misused, with some users taking advantage of when an item is cheaper on the market, buying huge amounts of them, and then selling them at a higher price once the market has increased the price again. This is a problem and cannot be allowed to continue.

As of 18th January 2023, we are introducing a new item, the ‘Premium Trade Coupon’, which will apply a 3% selling fee to your sales. The same fee will apply regardless of whether the trade takes place in the Trading House or during a private ED trade.

(There is no premium effect during private trading.)


We will reduce the selling fee in the Trading House from 10% to 5% so as not to ruin things for normal users. We will also be increasing the number of goods that can be registered and the maximum adjustable price per item. In order to make the Trading House as transparent as possible, we will be adding the ability to see the market rate easily.

* We will do our best to adjust the Trading Bulletin Board in such a way that it makes using it as easy as possible for every user. We’re also going to be keeping a close eye on the new system to make sure no one misuses it.


3. Misc: Info on the Sales Service Licence

The Sales Service Licence will be removed from the game on 18/1/2023. Info on refunds will be released shortly.

* You will still be able to use Sales Service Licences until the maintenance period on the 18th January 2023, and their effect will continue until such time as is described in the item.

* Every Sales Service Licence that has yet to be used will be deleted from every character inventory and bank, and the money will be refunded. This will take place during maintenance on the 18th January 2023.

* You will not receive a refund for Sales Service Licences received via events.

* Every Sales Service Licence found under (Item Shop) -> (Bought Items) (Item Shop Inventory), (i.e. every unused SSL), will also be deleted during maintenance on 18th January 2023, and the money will be refunded.

* Refunds for the Sales Service Licence will take place on 18th January 2023 at the specified time for your country. 

We will do our best to refund you as quickly as possible. 

* After the maintenance period you will be able to check your refund via (Item Shop) -> (Bought Items) -> (Item Shop Inventory).


!! Details on the new Trading Bulletin Board, releasing 18th January 2023:


★ Trading House

1. There will be a new menu for buying and selling items.

2. The price for each registered item can be set up to 10 billion ED as of level 99.

3. The maximum number of goods you can register will increase to 10.

4. The selling fee will be reduced to 5%.

5. Registering goods, cancelling a sale, and receiving goods can be performed separately for each item.

6. The sale period will start once the item is registered.

7. When searching, you’ll be able to select multiple search options at a time within a category.

- Possible: Selecting ‘Avatar’ weapon, top, and leg guards at the same time.

- Not possible: Selecting ‘Avatar’ weapon, consumables, special items at the same time.

8. You’ll be able to search for details.

- You’ll be able to select and search for materials, consumables, avatars etc.

- Just like with the normal search function, you’ll be able to select multiple search options at a time.

- You’ll be able to search for the minimum and maximum price of an item.

- You’ll be able to search for the lowest and highest upgrade level of an item.

- You’ll be able to search for the lowest and highest forging level of an item.

- You’ll be able to search for an item’s remaining seals.

- You’ll be able to search for up to 5 additional effects on an item.

- You’ll be able to search for up to 6 item socket effects.

- You’ll be able to favourite up to 20 search options.

9. The market rate will be displayed each time you buy or sell an item.

- You’ll be able to set it so the daily rate (of the last 30 days) or the monthly rate (of the last 12 months) is displayed as a graphic or as numbers.

- You’ll be able to check the average, highest, and lowest price of the period of time you select.

- You’ll be able to check specific days, the average rate of the month, and the number of transactions.

10. Inputting a price that is drastically different from the average price of the previous 30 days will cause a message to appear.

11. You will be able to re-register unsold items using the same options you previously selected.

12. You’ll be able to check which goods you have sold (item name, number, price, sale date) in your sales history.

- This sale info will only be saved in your sales history if you use (Goods Received).

- It will only keep the details of the previous 30 sales.

13. You’ll be able to buy a Premium Trade Coupon in the item shop.

- The coupon is applied immediately after you buy it.

- Only characters who have the coupon applied to them can use the premium options.

- Your fee benefits will be applied the moment you register or receive goods.

- If you use another Premium Trade Coupon before it has expired, the time left will be extended.  (Please note that you cannot extend its duration past a maximum of 90 days.)

14. New: Some rare avatars, that actually ought to require sealing, can be traded without sealing.


★ Private Trade

1. When trading privately, the price for each registered item can be set up to 10 billion ED as of level 99.

2. A fee of 5% will be applied to in-game private trades that use ED.


★ Misc.

1. New: It will now be much easier to recognise tradable and non-tradeable items.

2. New: In the Magic Wardrobe, registered items will have a description indicating that they aren’t tradeable.

3. The Bulletin Board menu in the Mailbox will be deleted.

4. A Trading House icon will be added to the mini map.

- Mouse over the icon to check the status of goods you have registered.


★ Goods Received (old)

1. If you click on the Goods Received (old) button before the 18th January 2023, you’ll be able to get your previously registered/sold goods.

2. There is a 5% fee, but if you were using a Sales Service Licence or a Premium Trade at the time you registered the item, your fee benefits will be active.


3. The Goods Received (old) button will be deleted during the 17th January 2024 maintenance period.

* Any items or ED left uncollected at this time will be deleted.

* The Goods Received (old) button will remain active from the 18th January 2023 until the 17th January 2024, at which time it will be deleted during the maintenance period.

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