Elios Pass Season 2

★ Elios Pass Season 2

Season 2 of the Elios Pass has launched! Complete daily missions and receive useful rewards for your development.

Each season lasts 12 weeks and after the end of the season you can no longer receive rewards.

* ‘Elios Pass Season 2’ takes place from 1st February (9 AM) to 26th April (8:59 AM).


1) Elios Pass Instructions

- You can enter by clicking on the Elios Pass icon at the top of the screen.

- You can complete daily and weekly season missions to earn more Season Pass EXP. Upon reaching the corresponding levels, you will receive (free) normal rewards or (paid) premium rewards.


2) Elios Pass Cash Items

Item Name

Item Effect

Elios Pass Season 2 (Premium)

- You can complete additional pass season missions

- You can receive additional special rewards such as ‘Forging Stone (Level 18, Celestial Prism)’ and ‘Luriel’s Summoning Stone: Berrut’


- You can receive an additional daily dungeon special reward.

Possible in the following dungeons: Dark Portal, Hero Dungeon, Secret Dungeon, Varnimyr (excluding raid), Pruinaum (excluding raid), Pruinaum Area, Tirnog and guild dungeons.

2,000 EXP Ticket

You receive 2,000 EXP for the current Pass.


★ Improved Elios Pass

1) Hover your mouse over ‘Premium Purchase and Use of Premium Pass’ in the Elios Pass interface to display the tooltip ‘Elios Premium Pass Advantages’.

2) If you have not yet completed the login mission, an exclamation mark will appear at the top of the Season Pass UI.

3) When you collect the Elios Pass rewards through ‘Get All’, a list of rewards received is displayed.

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