Dye System

★ Dye System

In the Hair Salon you can select one of your avatar hairstyles and dye it a new colour.

* From 24th May 2023, dyeing will be gradually rolled out for all avatar hairstyles (planned).

1. Dyeing an avatar hairstyle consumes 1 hair colour palette and dyes the hair one of the palette’s 30 colours at random.

- If the hairstyle has already been dyed, it will change to a different colour.

- The colour tones may differ slightly depending on the equipped avatar.

- The 30 palette colours have an equal chance of being used. If one of those colours is already in use, then one of the remaining 29 will be selected.

2. If you use a Hair Colour Remover, the original avatar hairstyle colour will be restored.

3. When trading an avatar hairstyle, its colour is preserved.

4. Dyeing only changes the hairstyle colour; any headgear or accessories remain unchanged.

5. For hairstyles with two tones, each part is dyed separately.

- Each part can be dyed a colour from any palette.

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