Update: Ain’s 4th Path

Update: Ain’s 4th Path

The errant servant who waits in vain for his Goddess – update for Ain’s 4th Path.

* Adoleo – Captura – Sacratus


- Introduction: While Ain absorbs Eldrit power from everything and everyone, his Artistry takes form. In this class, Ain uses all of his skills effectively and dangerously in battle.

- Attack type: attack

- Range: medium


★ Eldrit Seeker Collection for Ain’s 4th Path

- Added the collection for Ain’s 4th path.

- Synergy attributes will be added later.

Collection for Ain’s 4th Path

Collection Level

Collection Effect

Level 1

Damage suffered from boss monster -2%

Level 2

Damage taken from boss monster -3%

Level 3

Damage taken from boss monster -5%


▣ In-game UI Improvements

The Customise menu and in-game icon for entries have been updated to display information more intuitively.


1. Customise Menu

- The Customise menu has been adapted to the new interface design.


2. Entry Icons

- The icon for entries at the top of the game can display max. 7 entries. Added an expand/collapse feature.

- Adjusted the icon for the Fever Event.

- Fixed an issue which caused the remaining number of Resurrection Stones to cover the entry menu.


 ★ Characters


1. When equipping Shaviana Truffles Hairstyle and Shaviana Truffles Hairstyle (black), the entire head is now displayed correctly.

Knight Mage

1. The correct sound effects are now played when using the Storm Blade skill.



Elemental Master

1. When using the Elemental Body skill, the reduction to damage taken is now displayed in the buff tooltip.



1. When wearing the Time Guardian Top (Belder), there is no longer a black line visible at the wrist.




1. Fixed the issue whereby when using the Power Boost, certain enemies could be successfully attacked even though that should not be possible from the current location.



Cor Guardian

1. The buff duration of nearby targets is no longer reset when using the Bodyguard skill.




1. The Freed Will: Dissembler effect is correctly applied when using the switch skill Detoxication.




1. Crit. hit damage is now increased when using the M18A1 Claymore skill.



1. The Power Boost level (Power of the Gods) is displayed in the buff icon.

2. The tooltip below the portrait (V) now displays more details about the current Power status (Standard/Creation Magic/Rotation Magic).


 ★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

1. Fixed the issue where the effect of the increased Ember Points in Challenge Mode: Crimson Moros Zones 1 and 2 was delayed.

2. In phase 3 of the Fight to Defend the Eldrit Tower, pursuit skills also work on the Unknown Presence.


 ★ Items

1. The Mariposa Requiem Hairstyle (white), the Marvellous Flowers Hairstyle (black) and the Nature’s Custodian Hairstyle can now be dyed.

2. The “If the sum of all resistance stats exceeds 1,000: damage +15%” option for the Emblem of the Depths has been split in two; one for dungeons and one for PvP.


Before: If the sum of all resistance stats exceeds 1,000: damage +15%

New: - If the sum of all resistance stats exceeds 1,000: damage +15% (only in dungeons)

     - If the sum of all resistance stats exceeds 1,000: damage +6% (only in PvP)


★ Other

1. Fixed an issue whereby certain skill effects were not displayed correctly to the caster or other players.

2. Adjusted the maximum stacks for Alchemist Elixir Essence (before 200x → now 1,000x).

3. Fixed an issue which caused the character to be displayed in an awkward position after previewing an alternative movement.

4. Achievement points are no longer briefly displayed after using a 2-person seat.

5. All accessories are displayed correctly after using certain alternative movements.

6. Fixed an issue where movement speed and jump power reductions were accidentally implemented as increases.


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