Update 23.0913

★ Update: Noah’s 4th Path

A Dreamwalker fleeing from the truth – Update for Noah’s 4th path

Crazy Moon – Dreamlight – Morpheus


- Introduction: In the hour of the Blood Moon you nurture distorted memories and carry out your revenge.

- Attack type: magic attack

- Range: long-range


Eldrit Seeker Collection for Noah’s 4th Path

- Added the collection for Noah’s 4th Path.

- Synergy attributes will be added later.

Collection for Noah’s 4th Path

Collection Level

Collection Effect

Level 1

Attack +50

Magic attack +50

Level 2

Attack +75

Magic attack +75

Level 3

Attack +100

Magic Attack +100

★ Elios Pass Season 4

Season 4 of the Elios Pass has launched! Complete daily missions and receive useful rewards for your development.

Each season lasts 12 weeks and after the end of the season you can no longer receive rewards.

* Elios Pass Season 4 starts after the maintenance on 4th October 2023 and ends at 8:59 AM on 27th December 2023.


1) Elios Pass Instructions

- You can enter by clicking on the Elios Pass icon at the top of the screen.

- You can complete daily and weekly season missions to earn more Season Pass EXP. Upon reaching the corresponding levels, you will receive (free) normal rewards or (paid) premium rewards.


2) Elios Pass Cash Items

Item Name

Item Effect

Elios Pass Season 4 (Premium)

- You can complete additional pass season missions

- You can receive additional special rewards such as Luriel’s Selection Cube (Elios Pass Season 4) with 2x Luriel’s Tenebrous Option Ticket and 1x Luriel’s Forging Stone (Level 18, Celestial Prism), Luriel’s Alternate Movement Cube (Figure Box) and Luriel’s Lop-Eared Seeker Selection Cube.

- You can receive an additional daily dungeon special reward.

Possible in the following dungeons: Dark Portal, Hero Dungeon, Secret Dungeon, Varnimyr (excluding raid), Pruinaum (excluding raid), Pruinaum Area, Tirnog and guild dungeons.

2,000 EXP Ticket

- You receive 2,000 EXP for the current Pass.


3) Using Tenebrous Option Tickets

* Information on how to use Tenebrous Option Tickets as a reward for Elios Pass Season 4.

* What is a Tenebrous Option Ticket? The ticket allows you to grant the Shadow Option’s max. value to one piece of Tenebrous equipment.

1) Right-click to select a piece of Tenebrous equipment from the inventory to which you want to grant the option.

(You have to identify the shadow option before you can use it on the armour.)

2) Click on the field with the Shadow option to be used (◆, ◆◆, ◆◆◆). (You can only select one field.)

3) Once you’ve decided on a Shadow option, click ‘Grant’.

★ Characters


Dark Destroyer’s Gloves and Dark Butcher’s Gloves now match their icons.



Hands are now displayed correctly when equipping specific tops and gloves.



1) The ELS Beach Look Shoes’ laces are now displayed correctly again.

2) White Dragon: Serbius Hairstyle is now displayed correctly again.

3) Optimised the size of the Star Academy Shoes.



The equipped Snow Fox Top is now displayed correctly again.

Nasod Empress

When using the summoner skill Freed Will: Nasod Empress, everything is executed correctly even after 10 seconds of uninterrupted skill use with reduced skill costs.



When equipping the School Pool Shoes, Chung’s outline is displayed correctly again.




The tool tip of ‘Spirit Summoning: Fox Spirit’ changes as follows:



Spirit of Lightning ignores defence and every hit has a set probability to be activated as a crit. hit.


Spirit of Lightning

Ignores defence stance

50% chance of turning hits into crit. hits.

Spirit of Lightning ignores defence and every hit has a set probability to be activated as a crit. hit.


Spirit of Lightning

Ignores defence stance

There is a 50% probability that every hit is a crit. hit.




The ‘Subconscious’ buff is executed correctly again upon resurrection even in special cases.



While wearing the Lord Chesterfield Top, Lu’s waiting movement [MEGA CAKE] My Dear Sweet (Bonus Dance) is displayed correctly again.



The Landrunner RX-78’s effect Flying Sparks has been modified.


During the Giant Growth state, the Falcon Shot skill is executed correctly again and the revolvers return after the throw.




The Master Skill Cut-In is now displayed correctly again.


1) The Master Skill Cut-In is now displayed correctly again.

2) The character is displayed correctly again after using the [Switch] Liberatio Campus skill.



Luxury Wedding Gloves are displayed correctly again when equipped.



1) The equipped Belder Academy Leg Guards (School Route) is displayed correctly again when entering a dungeon.

2) The Eldrit Seeker Collection menu is displayed correctly again.

★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

1) The treasure chest in Clamour’s Memory stage 1-1 is displayed in the correct spot again.

2) The loading screen in the secret dungeon ‘The Hollow: The Origins of Demon Energy’ is displayed correctly again.

3) In Nightmare’s Nest phase 2, certain movements outside the range of the mist no longer deal damage.

4) The wall in Flegas’ Portrait phase 2 is displayed correctly again and is visible for everyone.

5) Ember Points are calculated and displayed correctly again in Challenge Mode: Crimson Moros’ (Zones 1, 2).

★ Other

1) When completing certain Epic Quests, the illustration of Anedran is now correctly displayed in the quest event scene.

2) The requirements for the Epic Quest ‘Mysterious Man’ have been changed.

- Before: 5x Freak Tank and insert Elyanod Magic Stones into Elyanod Equipment

- After: 5x Freak Tank

3) The tool tip is now displayed correctly.

4) The colours of the buff icons of the New Moon, Full Moon and Half Moon Power Boosts have been changed to make them more recognisable as Noah when using Power Boosts.

5) Adventurers who have used up all their character slots should also have the chance to try out Noah’s 4th path, so the number of character slots will be increased.

(max. 67 slots > max. 68 slots)

6) When inserting Artefact Soul Stone, [Apply Option] can now be skipped and the option can be directly applied to the equipment with [Apply].

7) Adjusted the max. stacks of some stackable items.

Item category

Number of stacks

Items with 30 to 99 stacks


Items with 100 to 299 stacks


Items with 300 to 499 stacks


Empty Orb


Spectral Amethyst




Tasma Aura




Giant Magic Crystal


Magic Crystal


8) The option ‘If the sum of all resistances exceeds 1,000: all skill damage increased’ no longer erroneously increases Battle Strength.

9) Group members can cancel the random matching again without problems, and the following error message no longer appears: ‘You do not have the status required to apply for automatic group combination.’

10) The conditions for acquiring the title of ‘Descent into Darkness’ have been modified.

Before: Solace’s Fortress without reviving with max. 30 hits and an A grade

After: Solace’s Fortress without reviving with max. 30 hits and at least an A grade

11) The Artefact equipment tooltip shows an explanation of how to use the special effect if the effect is not applied to the Artefact equipment after the option has been granted.

12) The character name is displayed correctly and in the right place in the dungeon results window again.

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