Update 24.0403

★ Interface Update

1. The Random Mission and Resurrection windows have been adapted to the new interface design.

★ Additional Convenience Improvements

1. Removed/updated certain random mission conditions.

2. Guild Interface Improvements

1. The Guild Headquarters Skin UI has a new design.

2. The Guild Farm UI has a new design.

- Guild harvests which can be watered are now highlighted in red.

- Added a button which allows you to buy fertiliser from the Guild Farm menu.

- Items in your inventory which can be used when planting seeds are now more visible.

3. The Guild Bank and Guild Chronicle menus have been updated.

- Items can now be sorted by stacks in the Guild Bank.

(The sorting will be automatically updated when depositing/withdrawing from the Guild Bank.)

4. The UI for storing guild flags has a new design.

5. The UI for managing guild founding permissions has a new design.

6. The UI for guild advertisements has a new design.

7. The UI for guild applications has a new design.

- Clicking on a guild from the list of advertised guilds now brings up the guild information and guild registration form.

- Characters who aren’t yet members of a guild can make multiple applications.

8. The guild registration form UI has a new design.


▣ Guild Convenience Improvements

1. Added blessing points to the Fountain of Fortune.

- Points increase upon change of blessing. After reaching 100%, the Change Blessing button changes to Selected Blessing.

- With Selected Blessing, you can select and apply the desired option (highest value).

- Points for each level are discrete.

For example, after applying the 1st level blessing, then only 1st level points will be collected.

- Once an option has been activated with Selected Blessing, the points are reset.

- All points gathered per level are reset every Wednesday at 9 AM.

2. The Gnosis Blessing has been extended to 90 days.

3. The info tab for guild members in the guild menu now shows the number of Guild Coins.

4. After completing Guild Expeditions, the Guild Coin rewards for the various expedition levels has been increased as follows:

Expedition Level



Level 12



Level 11



Level 10



Level 9



Level 8



Level 7



Level 6



Level 5



Level 4



Level 3



Level 2



Level 1



★ Characters



Accessories will soon be shown correctly in the relevant window.



When using skills after Power Boost, the Promo Skill Cut-In (Transcendence) is triggered without issues.


When starting PvP/Ereda, the cooldown of Path of the Dead is applied correctly.



Improved the My Dear Sweet MEGA CAKE bonus dance when wearing the Wedding Vow avatar.



Legs are displayed correctly when wearing Fighting Lesson Leg Guards and/or Autumn Feeling Shoes.


The Elios Stage: Noah alternate movement preview in the item shop is now displayed correctly when wearing Promo Top (Liberator).


★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

Adjusted the field boss dialogues in Shadow Castle to fit the story.


★ Items

1. Added (2 people) to the Place of Promise and Place of Memory item names.

2. The cloak is correctly displayed during Luriel’s Everlasting Memories (2 people) alternate movement for male characters wearing Soulmate costumes.


★ Other

1. When clicking the Reset button in the Customise menu, the correct names are now displayed.

* Stats could not be set/reset because of the incorrect names.

2. Improved the effect ratio for the Comfortable Demonic Flame sitting option.

3. Fixed the tooltips for the accessories in [CoBo] Room Curator’s Selection Cube with Accessories (3 types, 14 days).

4. The Emperor 3rd class change cutscene now plays correctly.

5. Players are no longer erroneously logged out on reaching level 99.

6. If another guild member plants seeds while you have the Guild Farm window open, the guild member plot list is now updated correctly and the seed icon displayed.

7. If a character who watered your plot leaves the guild, the tooltip is displayed correctly again.

8. When adding an appearance with the Magic Wardrobe Ticket, the last avatar in the active Magic Wardrobe list is listed correctly.

9. Improved limits for withdrawals from the Guild Bank in the Guild → Manage Guild menu.

10. The duration for a guild contract can be stacked to max. 48 hours (previously 24 hours).

This affects the Training Time Contract, Master Wisdom Contract and the Headquarters Recovery Service.

11. When using Smash during a Guild Expedition, the cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds (previously 5 seconds).




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