Maintenance - 13/06/2017

Listen up, heroes of Elios,
Tomorrow from 9 AM till around 4 PM (planned), we will be carrying out server maintenance. Afterwards the following changes will be available in the game:
Game content:

Additional Changes:
- The Magic Wardrobe is here and allows you to wear your favourite clothing items without having to sacrifice your equipment attributes.
- Lu and Ciel will now be handled separately. This means from now on there are items unique to each of them. This change affects the shop and character adjustment, amongst other things.
- Event and special dungeons are now found in their own window within the dungeo selection area. To be able to see all regions, simply click on the corresponding slider. 
- There are more emotes for sitting and for character absence, additionally there are now two separate buttons for the two emote types.
- Some characters (and NPCs) have been updated graphically.

Item Shop:

  • Ice Sculpture Heater (Fire Master Rossou)
  • Ice Sculpture Heater Taster Pack (Fire Master Rossou)
  • Ice Sculpture Heater (all-in-one, Elsword through Rose)
  • Rowdy Avatar Set (Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain)
  • Animal Avatar Set (Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain)
  • Late Summer Avatar Set (Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain)
  • Preacher Avatar Set (Rose, Ain)
  • Fantasy Avatar Set (Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain)
  • ELS Free Time Avatar Set (Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain)
  • ELS Spring Rain (Ain)
  • Fantasy Academy Avatar Set (Rose, Ain)
  • Bathing Style - Charming Geyser (Ain)
  • Bathing Style - Soul Waterfall (Ain)
  • Grand Prix Pit Crew (Ain)

Last chance! The following items will be removed from the shop:

  • B1A4 Sweet Girl Pack (14/6/2017)
  • Ice Sculpture Heater Test Pack (Celestial Master)
  • Ice Sculpture Heater (Celestial Master)

Have fun playing!
The Elsword Team

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