Halloween Event - 23.10.2013

Hi adventurers,

tomorrow we'll have an automatical update for you. The following changes will take place during this update:

  • The Halloween event has been added
  • The Halloween dungeon has been added and is accessable
  • The Pre-Halloween event has been removed

  • Avatar set: Exorcist's Fantasy (Chung only) has been added
  • Halloween pet has been added
  • Accessory Squirrel has been added

Event title: Halloween Party
Event time frame: 23.10.2013 – 05.11.2013
Event list:
  1. Magic Soup
  2. Get Ready for the Party!
  3. Halloween Party

Event details:

1. Magic Soup

The Halloween witches have cooked too much Magic Soup. Now it is over-flowing and has become independent - whilst still hot and dangerous - in the dungeons (except Henir). Show the soup just how fear-inducing you can be and sort it out! For your efforts, you will be treated with one of the following effects... or perhaps tricked:
  • Hot Chilli Potion: three times the size, 300% attack damage
  • Big-head Curse: impairs your movement
  • HP +100%, effects of curse, fire, poison and frost will be lifted
  • MP +100%, K.O. protection, Power Boost
  • Movement speed +50%, jump power +50%
  • Attack +300%, magic attack +300%

2. Get Ready for the Party!

If you are connected to the game for 10 minutes, you will receive the 'Hallowitch (15 days)' pet in the post. The witch has no inventory slots, instead her pet-aura is permanently active (it's magic!).

So that you also look spooky for the festival, you will receive a coupon for a Halloween mask (daily, per character) as soon as you enter the game. This can be exchanged with Aranka for one of six masks.

3. Halloween Party

The undead have decorated a dungeon in Elder and are waiting for you there.You can celebrate with them three times a day (even mummies have to sleep). The gate to the most evil of creatures in this dungeon will open first on Halloween itself (31.10).

The following is also coming up:
  • 23.10.2013 – 30.10.2013
    Possible stages: 1-1 -> 2-1 (three times a day)
  • 31.10.2013
    Possible stages: 1-1 -> 2-2 -> boss stage
  • 01.11.2013 – 05.11.2013
    Possible stages: 1-2 -> 2-3

The monsters in the Halloween dungeon drop their souls or a basket of sweets. If you defeat the boss you will receive an accessory.
In addition, all players that are connected to the game will receive a 'Soul of the Glowing Halloween Monster' (per character, can also be bought in the shop: 26.10 – 27.10 und 02.11 – 03.11). To open it, you will need a 'Soul Identifier'.

We wish you plenty of ghastly moments and bad nightmares!

Vampire-Undead-Werewolf-Witches-unbelievably spooky Elsword Team

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