Welcome to Elsword UK! and Ruler of Time and Space

Event title: Welcome to Elsword UK
Event period: 24.07.2013 – 31.07.2013
Event list:
  1. Adventurer of Elios
  2. Just one El-Coin!

Event detail:

1. Adventurer of Elios

Aranka will give you two different quests:

  • “Enlightenment of the Adventurer” – Level 15+, class change
  • “The second enlightenment” – Level 30+

Unused rewards of those quests will be removed automatically once the event has finished.

2. Just one El-Coin!

During the event period you are able to buy some items for one El-Coin each. You can’t send these items to anyone as a gift.

Event title: Ruler of Time and Space
Event time-frame: 24.07.2013 – 31.07.2013
Event list:
  1. Here comes the Dimension Witch
  2. You have the power

Event details:

1. Here comes the Dimension Witch

a) First greeting

During the event a Dimension Witch will be standing in the villages. She has a quest for all characters (level 10+).

b) Make preparations

During the event, all Battle Magicians up to level 35 will receive double experience points. All Battle Magicians above level 35 will receive the 'Dimension Witch Preparation Cube' once they have been connected to the game for 30 minutes. This can only be opened by Dimension Witches.

c) The secret of the Dimension Witch

Aranka has three quests for you:

  • 'Notes on the Dimension Witch': level 10+, Aisha
  • 'The First Note': level 10+, Aisha
  • 'The Second Note': level 10+, Aisha

The cubes that you receive via these quests can only be opened as a Dimension Witch.
The 'Moonstone Neutraliser' can be obtained from the bosses of all dungeons.

2. You have the power

Aranka has a daily quest for you:

  • 'The Power that Rules the Time-Space': daily, level 10+

The rewards from this quest can be used to produce cool things with Aranka!

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