Events 26.12.2018

Heater Plus Alpha (26/12/2018 - 9/1/2019)


Chance of Plus Alpha when you buy a Heater!

·         Exchange Plus Alpha Coupons into Ice Sculpture Heaters in a special UI. The amount of Ice Sculpture Heaters per coupon is random.

·         The Plus Alpha Coupons can be acquired during the event through the Heater Plus Alpha Pack in the item shop.



Christmas Event 2018 (31/12/2018 – 20/1/2019)

Login: daily


Renewed Upgrade for All!

·         For characters from level 10

·         During the event, the number of 'Blessed Fluorite Stones’, ‘Blessed Fluorite Stones (Armour)’, 'Blessed Scrolls of Revitalisation' and 'Blessed Upgrade Stones' required for all upgrade levels is set to 1.


A New Upgrade Every Day!

·         Requirement: Logged in for a total of 10 minutes

·         Reward: 1x [CoBo] Blessed Fluorite Stone


Lucky Upgrade Gift (31/12, 1/1, 12/1, 19/1)

Logged in for a total of 15 mins: 5x El’s Luck Hammer

Logged in for a total of 20 mins: 10x [CoBo] Blessed Scroll of Revitalisation


Lucky Upgrade 2018

·         Requirement: Logged in for a total of 10 minutes

·         Reward: 1x Luck Upgrade Equipment Cube



New Years Event 2019 (1/1/2019)


A Happy New Year!

·         Doubled EXP

·         Doubled drop rate

·         Unlimited Willpower


[EVENT] Gloomy Relic 1+1

·         Play through Gloomy Room 1x

·         Reward: 1x Gloomy Relic


[EVENT] Set Up the Secret Spell Circle Again (1+1)

·         Play through Secret Dungeon 2x

·         Reward: 1x Eldrit Reward, 1x Reward Certificate

[EVENT] Hero's Challenge (1+1)

·         Play Hero Dungeon x3

·         Reward:

o    1x Hero Equipment Storage

o    20x Hero Equipment Fragment

o    3x Hero Invitation


[EVENT] Raging Body of Energy (1+1)

·         Play through Add’s Energy Fusion Theory 2x

·         Reward: 10x Energy Fragment


[EVENT] Magic Stone of the Wise (1+1)

·         1x play through a dungeon with a matching level

·         Reward: 2x [CoBo] Magic Stone of the Wise

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