The next content update is coming! Here’s what you can expect:

New Character: Laby


Full of joy, Laby and her loyal companion Nisha, a mirror, head out into the big wide world. Till now, Laby had lived in a forest for hundreds of years – no wonder that she pesters everyone she meets with questions and gives everyday items strange names. She does not know sadness or fear, as Nisha absorbs all negative emotions in protection of the gentle Laby. But, psst, the little girl doesn’t know this yet...


Precise punches and kicks: Laby knows self-defence like the back of her hand. This is because despite her happy appearance, a lot of evil beings seem to have it in for her. Nisha also helps out and protects the girl with her mirror magic. This way Laby is armed both for close and long ranged combat!

Sensitivity Points

A unique aspect of Laby's combat style, aside from the mirror, are the sensitivity points: the more of them she has, the stronger her attacks and also her range, the chance of double attacks also increases. As soon as her Power Boost is fully charged, she will automatically make use of this hidden power.

11 New Dungeons

During her journey, the awoken girl travels through 3 regions with a total of 11 dungeons that only she (or other Laby characters) can fight through. Ready for a new journey? The Elsword Team

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