It’s time for round two with Laby and Nisha: now things are brightening up!

In an explosion of colourful jets of water, glittering starfalls and more boombastic skills, Laby and Nisha show how much power their rock-solid friendship gives them.

Twinkle Child

Laby realises that she will get stronger not only with training, but also by sharing everything with her mirror Nisha, even the negative emotions.

Shining Romantica

Full of energy, Laby and Nisha travel through the world and help out where only they can. Everyone should get to be happy, after all!

Radiant Soul

Laby and Nisha now live and fight side by side with united power. They learn from one another and are always there for each other, which not only strengthens their friendship but also their abilities.

Ready for some fireworks?

The Elsword Team

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