As Laby left her home in the Murky Forest, where she had lived for centuries, she was still a bundle of energy full of joyful expectations. Yet confronted with the world outside of the forest she was quickly and mercilessly brought back down to earth. Laby starts to withdraw more and more and turns to her mirror Nisha for help.

Rusty Child

A stranger both in the forest and out in the world, the once cheerful Laby begins to lose herself in a whirlwind of negative emotions. Though there are people like Bellond who are friendly to her, the girl is overwhelmed by her own mistrust. Laby's only confidante: Nisha, her magic mirror.


Joy is fleeting and life is hopeless - this realisation hits Laby hard, right after she had briefly placed her trust into a friendly but sad girl. Nisha tries to relieve Laby's pain by taking away some of her negative feelings and conjuring up positive fantasies. This causes Laby to slip into a fantasy world. This, however, soon begins to crumble and collapse.

Nisha Labyrinth

Nisha eliminates everything that threatens Laby. But the girl’s pain is getting stronger and Laby is growing weaker and weaker. Nisha decides to take control over all of Laby's feelings, for her protection. She seals the girl in the mirror and takes on a human form. Laby shall not awaken until Nisha has created a positive world.

Are you ready to tackle Laby's dark chapter as a mirror turned human?

The Elsword Team

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