Patch Notes: Laby's Third Class Change Path

"Is Laby alone?"

The initial joy felt by the young girl quickly vanishes when she leaves her home, the Murky Forest. Unfriendly contemporaries and the world's hopelessness drive Laby's emotions into the abyss. Only her mirror, Nisha, can protect her. The mirror absorbs part of her negative feelings and tries to console her by conjuring up wondrous and beautiful fantasies.

But in the end Laby's suffering keeps building and her body is growing ever weaker. Nisha is left with no other option than to take on a human form and seal the girl who is writing in pain within the mirror - Laby will only reawaken once the world has become a better place.

Further Improvements

- The display for 'Register appearance' in the Magic Wardrobe has been improved: items that can't be registered are marked with an X.

- In the Varnimyr Raid dead characters now also receive 'Flame Crystals' and 'Flame's Symbol'.

- The title 'Darkness', 'Death' and 'Contract of Downfall' are available again.

- All of the old materials from 'Dark Portal' for crafting and exchanging have been removed - even if these are located in the Auction House. You should therefore complete or end all sales before the maintenance.

- Laby players with a rank higher than 100th place in the raid will receive 'Comfortable Demonic Flame - Laby'.

Changes to PvP – Damage

- The damage bonus is affected by defence and critical hits.

- The damage bonus no longer depends on attack damage.

- The damage bonus affects skill damage in a different way (depending on whether you play dungeons or PvP).

- The increase in attack power from upgrade levelling has less of an effect in PvP.

- The damage bonus has a greater effect on the attack power (changes re. damage bonus also apply in dungeons).

Changes to PvP – Rewards

- Items have been added/removed that can be purchased with AP. The prices of some of these items have been adjusted. 

- You can now take part in official PvP from level 75.

- You can now complete PvP quests from level 75.

- AP rewards in PvP have been changed as follows.



Daily Quest

300 AP

1,000 AP

Weekly Quest

(depending on grades)
100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1,600 / 3,200 / 6,400 /12,800

(depending on grades)
1,200 / 1,600 / 2,000 / 2,400 / 2,800 / 3,200 / 4,800 / 7,200

- The differences of AP rewards between the grades in official PvP have been reduced.

- You now receive more EXP in official PvP (in the first 10 daily matches).

Changes to the ranking points system (RP system)


- Characters with a certain amount of ranking points cannot receive any more RP, even if they win against a PvP NPC.

- A defeat against a PvP NPC doesn't change the ranking points.

PvP Match

- Characters with no RP must first play 5 PvP preparation matches before they receive RP and a rank.

- Characters whose RP was reset because the season ended must play a PvP preparation match.

- Only 1 vs. 1 may be selected in the PvP preparation match.

Ranking points reset after season end

- The ranking points of characters who didn't play any PvP preparation matches in the previous season will be reset. In order to obtain a rank again, first they must complete some PvP matches.

- Characters who played at least one PvP match in the previous season will only lose a small portion of their ranking points.  

* The ranking points of all characters will be reset after the maintenance on 28/8/2019.

Changes to PvP - Rules in official PvP

PvP Mode

- In PvP mode, only the modes 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 are playable.

- The following modes are not available in official PvP: 1 vs. 1 (best of 3) / 2 vs. 2 (Winner Match) / Item match

Matching rules

- Pre-made groups consisting of 2 of the same character/class change cannot take part in official PvP.

- Pre-made groups cannot take part in a 3 vs. 3 in official PvP.

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