Hotfix Maintenance 04.09.2019

Dear players,

as you know, with the last maintenance some items were removed that weren't supposed to be.
With the upcoming maintenance (04.09.2019 09:00 - ~12:00 CEST) you will get the items back.

Depending on where those items were you will receive them as follows:

Item Storage Place

Where you will find it

Inventory (including Pet Inventory and Personal Bank)

in the character's mailbox

Bulletin Board

in the character's mailbox


in the character's mailbox

Guild Bank

in the Guild Master’s mailbox

Common Bank

in the mailbox of the character that first put the item there


  • bugfix: Henir title was not appearing in the title list
  • bugfix: Henir's Time and Space materials have been deleted 

Your Elsword Team

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