Shopupdate 23.10.2019

A wind gusted by the might of El will be blowing through the world of Elsword on 23/10/2019 (at 9 AM CEST)! Materials of all forms and items refresh and the offering of the in-game shop will be changing.

New in the Shop:
  • Wedding Ring (Renewed Promise)
  • Wedding Ring (Proposal)
  • Special Offer Pack containing Wedding Ring (Proposal)
    (this item will be available for couples married before the patch day on 8th Oct limited to one per account)
  • Luxury Wedding Pack
  • Little Dancing Spirit
  • Ghost Dance!
The following items will be removed from the shop:
  • Belder Circle Pack
  • Sweet Dream: Premium Pack
  • [Milky Way Party] Pack
  • Love Ambassador Pack
Have fun shopping!
The Elsword Team

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