Patchnotes: Pet & Convenience Revamp Update

With the new patch we're once again supplying you with dozens of improvements and awesome features. We've compiled all of the changes in this newsletter to give you an easier overview.

Pet Growth

-          The 'Tendency' tab is now called 'Growth'.

-          You can use Growth Points to increase the Enthusiasm, Persistence, Training and Presence stats.

-          You use Nutritional Supplements to increase the number of Growth Points. You can only feed your pet additional Nutritional Supplements up to a maximum digestion time of 72 hours.

-          Pet Tendency reset items are no longer sold. If you still have one, you can trade it with Aranka for 10 Fruit from El's Tree.

Effects of individual growth stats:

Enthusiasm: Reduces Encouragement skill cooldown.

Persistence: Increases the duration of the Encouragement pet skill.

Training: Increases the damage of the pet skill.

Presence: Reduces the MP consumption of the pet skill.

The number of Growth Points used and owned cannot exceed 4000.

Pet skill: Special Encouragement

This skill has a separate cooldown to the 'Encouragement' skill and has the following properties:

-          HP and MP regeneration: 50%

-          Attack/magic attack +5%

-          Cooldown of all skills reset
The effect changes depending on the pet's status

Improvements for More Comfort

-          Power Boost: Want more power but don't wanna change your look? Now it's possible! In the settings you can decide whether your character changes their appearance when using Power Boost or not. This has no effect on your skills.


Reward Title

1st - 3rd place

Master of the Strange Dimensions

4th - 15th place

Conqueror of the Strange Dimensions

16th - 30th place

Attacker of the Strange Dimensions

-          Henir's Time-Space: The rewards are now issued by rank for each class change path. You also only receive the reward titles up to 30th place.

-          Henir's Time-Space: The ranking is now visible for each class change path.

-          Peak of Parman (Drabaki): The 'Start with current members' button has been added.

-          Crimson Trace Coupon: This coupon can now be used 2x weekly.

-          Reform debuff: This debuff is no longer applied when leaving the following single player dungeons:

è Add's Energy Fusion Theory

è Event Dungeon

è EL's Corridor

è Gloomy Room

è Henir's Time-Space (Normal)

è Henir's Time-Space (Challenge)

-          Add's Energy Fusion Theory: The time loop effect after clearing a stage has been removed.

-          Trading Bulletin Board: You can now see the skill information for registered items on the trading bulletin board. Just hover the cursor over an item and press the 'Tab' key at the same time.

-          Trading Bulletin Board: If you register an item for sale, the price and quantity of the registered item will be saved automatically.

-          Trading Bulletin Board: If you register an Elyanod Magic Stone, you can view items with the same options.

-          Quick slot: Consumables of the same type are registered in one slot and stay in your inventory. If you register more than 1000 of the same consumables, the quantity will be shown as '999+'.

-          Inventory: The maximum stack amount has been increased from 200 to 500 for the following items:

Materials list

Spice Powder


Unknown Piece of Meat


Eldrit Liquid

Bubbling Volcano Water

Fresh Water

Vargo Survival Rations


Star Powder

Magic Herb

Starfruit Leaf

Crisp Crumbs

Fresh Fish

Suspicious Green Stuff

Exhilarating Magic Pearl

Water Spirit's Tear

Suspicious Flower

Lizard Meat

Crumbly Meat

Fire Flower

Reddish Breath Powder

Cactus Root

Fire Flower Leaf

-          Videos: Videos by region are only played back when completing epic quests.


-          The display has been improved for the amount of possible entries in dungeons.

-          A button for the guide has been added to the system menu (ESC).

-          The text in the inventory tabs has been replaced with icons – you can also find the Life icon here.

-          The 'Delete character' button has been removed. Instead, you can now delete a character by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner of the character display.

-          Elements that cover the character, such as recover and hit stats, have been removed.

-          Character and skill windows have been added to the bottom of the screen that provide information about the selected character.

Other improvements

-          You can now throw 100x Summoning Circle Fragments on the Eldrit Energy Tree (Elysion).

-          The character's class change icon is now displayed in the dungeon/PvP results window.

-          'Boiled Egg' and 'Shikhye' can now be stored in the Account Bank.

-          The 'Apply' button has now been added to the item socketing window. If the desired option appears, you can add an effect to your equipment.

-          Under Options, you can display and hide the damage (dungeon), regeneration and consumption of group members.

-          If the name of the training combat room is too long, this is displayed scrolling from right to left.

-          The 'Additional Rules' point in a created PvP room (Free Channel) will be renamed 'Apply stats'.

-          Some title categories have been changed.

-          Words linked to skills, items and movements are no longer filtered.

New feature: fishing system

The waters are teeming with all kinds of fish – now you can fish them too!

What is new?

-          From level 99 you can view the newly added Verve bar and the Life icon.

-          The Verve bar is displayed on the bottom of the screen as soon as you click on the Willpower bar.

-          The Life icon is located on the bottom right of the screen.

-          Verve is not restored after levelling up.

-          Your Verve bar will be topped up daily at 9 AM CET. (If you were already logged in, you will need to log in again.)

-          A content guide is now available for fishing.

How fishing works

1.)    Travel to the Soul Waterfall or Charming Geyser.

2.)    Get fishing gear from 'Fishing Champ Helen'.

3.)    Click 'Fishing' on the Life icon to open the fishing interface.

4.)    Equip your fishing items in the corresponding slots. All you need is a Fishing Rod – Spincast Reel and Float are optional.

5.)    Click on the 'Start Fishing' button to get fishing.

6.)    You can trade fish that you caught with 'Fishing Champ Helen' for rewards.

Things to know about fishing

-          The stats for your accessory depend on its level.

-          Each piece of equipment you use for fishing has one of these four properties:

è The fishing duration is reduced.

è The amount of Verve required is reduced.

è The durability loss is reduced.

è The chance of successful fishing is increased.


You can catch the following fish and trade them with 'Fishing Champ Helen' for rewards:

Item Name



Account Bank



Golden Crab

A nutritious ingredient that tastes as delicious as its shiny appearance suggests. Gold crab soup is one of the three most famous dishes in Elios. In the past, only kings and nobles could afford it.





Nasod Turtle

A turtle whose body shines like a hologram. The turtle seems to have been created using old Debrian technology. Ooh, can you touch it?





Lizard Besmot

A fish from Besma with four little horns on its head. Looks like a lizard. Warning: The besmot not only looks vicious, he also behaves very aggressively. It's not poisonous but getting attacked by its horns can be very painful.





Heat Carp

This fish lives in hot springs and still feels warm to the touch even after it has been taken out. Rumour says eating fish is great for your skin.





Elios Medaka

A Medaka that is native to Elios. It's pretty common.





Inventory Expansion

-          You can now expand El Coins.

-          The Life tab will not be expanded when you use 'Inventory Expansion Coupon' item that expands all tabs.

Guild Mini-Game: Zombie Outbreak

There are new matching and dungeon rules for the Guild Mini-Game: Zombie Outbreak.

Start date: 20/11/2019

Matching rules

-          All characters belonging to a guild can take part in matching in a group.

-          Matching is possible even if group members belong to different guilds.

-          The matching cannot start if a group member doesn't belong to a guild.

-          The group will be dissolved automatically once the game ends.

Dungeon Rules

-          All zombies and humans have Z, X and C skills.

-          You can start the mini-game via the 'Guild' tab in the dungeon interface.

-          You win the game by either escaping the zombies until the end or transforming all of the players into zombies.

Attack model



Z/Jump Z

Flails their arms wildly in front of them.

Fires a rocket ahead.


Sets up traps near you.

Sets up destructible stones near you.


Your movement speed significantly increases temporarily.

Your movement speed significantly increases temporarily.

Pet Expedition Force

You can now send your pets on adventures!

Start date: 04/12/2019

Here's how it works

1.)    Click on the Life icon and select 'Pet Expedition Force'.

2.)    Find a mission.

3.)    Click on an empty pet slot to open the pet list.

4.)    Select 1-3 pets to take part in the mission.

5.)    Check that you've selected the right pets. If you hover the mouse over your pets in the Expedition Force, the name of the pet will appear.

6.)    Has the wrong pet slipped in? No problem, just right-click to remove it again. Or left-click on the pet to open the pet list and swap it for another pet.

7.)    ED and Verve are consumed as soon as you dispatch the Expedition Force.

The following mission information will be displayed to you:

Before the expedition: Pet slot (empty) with the pets authorised to take part, name of the mission, probability of success, hazards, expedition duration, reward, ED consumption, Verve. Your pets' mission starts when you click 'Dispatch Expedition Force'.

During the expedition: Pets taking part, name of the mission, probability of success, hazards, resting time, reward.

You can cancel the current mission by clicking the 'Early Return' button. As soon as you click on the button you will see information about the mission, the estimated duration of the expedition and the results window. Your Expedition Force will return and you will be reset to the level before the expedition. (You can't empty a slot; items will not be replaced; you can restart the mission.)

Completing the expedition: Pets taking part, name of the mission, probability of success, hazards, resting time, reward. The 'Expedition Result' button will be displayed.       

Things to know about expeditions          

-          An Expedition Force can only be dispatched to one area.

-          Every time you add another pet to your Expedition Force, you can see how the duration and chances of success of the mission change (depending on your pet's properties).

-          The Pet Expedition Force window and the Pet window cannot be opened at the same time.

-          All missions will be reset daily at 9 AM CET.

-          The duration of a mission varies between one and two hours.

-          The difficulty level of a mission depends on the region. The difficulty level increases from Ruben to Ranox.

-          Every mission conceals a threat that varies from mission to mission.

-          The duration and success of the expedition depend on your expedition force's Growth Points and properties.

-          You cannot carry out multiple missions simultaneously.

-          During an expedition it is not possible to fill the slot in another Pet Expedition or to click the 'Dispatch Expedition' button.

-          Once you complete a mission you will receive a new mission.

Important info about your pet

-          A pet in an expedition force cannot be summoned.

-          If you want to summon a pet that is currently in an expedition force, you first need to complete or cancel their mission.

-          The clock icon next to the portrait of your pet shows that they are taking part in the Pet Expedition. The 'Summon' and 'Development' buttons are deactivated during the mission.

-          Pets cannot swap or equip accessories while they're out on an expedition.

Pet Accessory

-          After the update all pets will have 2 slots.

-          You can receive pet accessories as a reward for successfully completing the Pet Expedition.

-          A pet accessory only contains one random property.

-          To equip your pet with accessories, click on the pet accessory with the right mouse button. Your pet list will appear. Select a pet and the desired slot to enter the accessory. If the selected slot already contains a pet accessory, this will be swapped.

Caution: The old accessory will disappear.

Pet Digestive Aid

You can receive this item as a Pet Expedition Force reward. It can only be used via the 'Digestive Aid' button.

1.       Open the Trusted interface.

2.       Click on the 'Growth' button under 'Pet Information'.

3.       Just like food, the Pet Digestive Aid can be used via the 'Digestive Aid' button.

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