Improvements for More Convenience

▣ Improvements: Dungeons


- The Varnimyr Raid accessories now requires less crafting material:

- Now search parties can also see the information about the rewards of the Varnimyr Raids.

   (A ‘Raid Reward’ button appears on the left near the ‘Start Dungeon’ button when you are in a village.)



- Five achievements will be added to Rigomor dungeons.


Achievement Name





King of the Sea


Receive 9x Rigomor titles



Pearl Collector


1x Celestial Prism armour attached

1,000 Glacia


Celestial Prism Holder


Four different Celestial Prism armours attached

10,000 Glacia


Who’s the Boss?


Complete Abandoned Icerite Factory 100x

2,000 Glacia


Machine Destroyer


Complete Titan's Grotto 100x

3,000 Glacia


Gloomy Room

- The HP of NPCs is no longer healed during resurrection of a character.


Bestera Troop

- Bestera Troop dungeons in Besma and Altera will be removed.


Dark Portal

- Group members can no longer be kicked out in the Dark Portal.


Hero Dungeon

- Lv.99 players now consume Will Points in hero dungeons.

▣ Improvements: Items

- The set options of the Celestial Prism armours will be changed as follows:

▣ Improvements: Miscellaneous

Life Contents

- You can now buy a Light Fishing Rod from Fishing Champ Helen

- Fishing rods can no longer be thrown away. (But they can be sold to an NPC.)



- The maximum number of stacks of Spell Circle of Chaos will be increased from 100 to 300.

- The maximum number of analyses of unknown Eldrit Shards will increase from 200 to 300.

- The visibility of increases and decreases to the HP of boss monsters in dungeons has been improved.

- To ensure that actual damage calculations correspond to the Resonance Grade system, the display ‘All skill damage +0.35%’ was changed to ‘Flexibility, tenacity, strength and transcendence skills: +0.35%’. In the detailed view, flexibility, tenacity, strength and transcendence skills and the damage increase (+X%) are displayed. (The damage dealt by the character remains the same. Only the display is changed.)

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