Improvements for More Convenience

Improvements to Elyanod Dungeons

1) Elyanod Magic Stones and their effects

- There is a higher probability of receiving Elyanod Magic Stones in Elyanod Dungeons.

- Elyanod Magic Stones of Balance (elite) can be found up to Lv. 26.

- The damage bonus increases in increments of 1% for Elyanod Magic Stones of Skill (elite) for gloves.

 (Previously: 28%, 32%, 36% à Now: 28%, 29%, 30%… 39%)

- There is a greater probability of Elyanod Magic Stones (elite) having a useful effect.


2) Lost Elian Sanctuary

- The boss' surface bombardment attack that he uses to react to silence has been changed.

- Fewer monsters appear in stage 1.

3) Fight to Defend the Eldrit Tower (Normal Mode and Story Mode)

- Spatio Reapers no longer use 'Black Hole'.

- The boss from the first stage now appears from the left.

- Just as many Spatio Reapers appear during the first stage in story mode as in normal mode.

4) Miscellaneous

- The accessory drop rate in Elyanod dungeons has been increased.


Portrait and Quick Voice

Portrait and Quick Voice have been added so that characters can be customised even further.

* Portrait and Quick Voice can be set under [Character -> Customise].




You can set a different portrait.

Changes the portrait shown on the top left.

The customisation is only visible to the player themselves. Group members and other players will see the usual class photo.

Quick Voice

Quick Voice (Compliment, Thanks, Excuse me, With effort) can be individually customised.


Changes and Improvements to Dungeons


1. As the bug fixes (particularly the problem with the demon debuff not working properly) have led to the difficulty of all Demon World dungeons increasing, this has been readjusted.

2. Additional adjustments have been made to the minimum battle strength prerequisites and difficulty for the Rigomor dungeons.

3. The Glacia drop rate in Rigomor dungeons has been increased.

4. The number of rewards for daily quests in Rigomor has been increased. (Previously: 3x Spectral Amethyst -> Now: 5x Spectral Amethyst)

5. In the Dungeon Start window, the 'Start with Current Members' button has been added from 'Balthazar's Cave' (Elder) to 'South Gate' (Belder).

6. The conditions for excluding a group (kick) in dungeons have been improved.

- The specific changes are not published here to prevent misuse.


Changes and Improvements to Quests

1. The conditions and required number of completions for class-change and seal quests have been changed.

2. An epic quest (once per account) has been added to Add's Energy Fusion Theory, which can be played from Lv. 90.

- Reward for playing through 'Luriel’s Upgrade Scroll Lv. 9 for Weapon of the Apocalypse' 50x (once per account)

Further Changes and Improvements

1. Room Curator accessories require fewer materials.

(Previously: 40x Gloomy Relic, 1x Gloomy Book -> Now: 30x Gloomy Relic, 1x Gloomy Book) 

The materials required for a random Room Curator accessory remain unchanged (40x Gloomy Relic).

2. To make them easier to read, thousand separators have been added to the required ED displays for the CoBo Express, attribute enhancement and item socketing.


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