Maintenance - Update 27.03.2014

Attention, heroes of Elios!

A new hero is rising like a phoenix from the flames: Elesis, the passionate warrior wielding the two-handed sword will be arriving tomorrow ready to fight by her brother Elsword's side against the evils that plague Elios.
For this we will be carrying out a maintenance at 9 AM (GMT+1) which is planned to finish by 5 PM. The following changes lie in wait:


  • New character Elesis

  • Improved interface for character creation and login
  • Altera and Besma got restructured
  • Amount of characters per account got increased: 7 free character slots and maximum 14 character slots with the premium item
  • Automatic sales service using the pinboard (replaces the market and private sales stands)

Ice Statue Heaters:

  • Special heaters contain the Eldrit Seeker set for Elesis

Item Shop:

  • Basic avatar sets for Elesis
  • Weapon accessories for Elesis
  • Orange Set for Elesis

  • Pet Name Change Card now available in the shop
  • Sales Agent Service Licence (VIP)

Automatic Sales Service

1. General Changes
1.1. Sales Stands
1.2. Trading on the Pinboard
2. Using the New System
3. Sales Agent Service Licence (VIP)

1.1. Sales Stands

  • The marketplace sections in the towns will close.
  • There will no longer be any private sales stands.
  • The 'Premium Sales Stall Medal' will be removed from the shop with the maintenance on 20.02.2014.
  • Any remaining Premium Sales Stall Medals will be exchanged for Cubes containing Sales Agent Service Licence (VIP, 7 days).

1.2. Trading on the Pinboard

  • The 'Open Stand' button in the pinboard search has been switched to 'Buy'.

  • Items can be purchased by clicking on 'Buy'.
  • Interface, graphics and text sizes have been adjusted.
  • The 3% fee for purchases made via the pinboard has been removed.

2. Using the New System

  • The 'Register goods' button allows you to register your own items for sale on the pinboard.
  • The items can be placed into the sales spots by dragging them or right-clicking them.
  • The coin symbol above an item in your inventory lets you know that it has been placed in a sales slot. When the sales service starts, it will be removed from your character's inventory.

  • You can register up to three different items for sale.
  • Once the sales service starts, the sales settings can no longer be changed.
  • Registering an item costs 1000 ED.
  • The sales fee for each item is 10% of the sale price.
  • Sale of an item will be announced to you via in-game mail (postbox).
  • Items that are not sold within 24 hours will be removed from the pinboard. This will also be reported to you using the in-game mail system.
  • A character can only register one sale.
  • Characters can continue to play the game even whilst a sale is running.

3. Sales Agent Service Licence (VIP)

  • The Sales Agent Service Licence (VIP, 7/15/30 days) is available in the item shop.
  • After purchase, it will be placed in your shop inventory ('My Shop Items') and can be activated from there by using right-click (will not work in character inventory).
  • The licence allows you to offer up to 15 items for sale at the same time and the registration costs and sales fees are waived.
  • The remaining duration of the VIP service will be displayed in the the pinboard's chat window.

Elesis is here!

Event title: Elesis is here!
Event timeframe: 27.03 to 01.04.2014
Event list:

  1. Father's Secret Techniques
  2. Copy of Elesis' Secret Book

Event details:

1. Father's Secret Techniques

All Elesis characters with level 2 (max. level 20) will receive a special title with each level up that lasts for one day. The selection is made at random from the following list:

  • Secret Attack Technique: +100% attack
  • Secret Magic Attack Technique: +100% magic attack
  • Secret Critical Hit Technique: +50% critical hit
  • Secret Attack Speed Technique: +20% attack speed
  • Secret EXP Technique: +30% EXP
  • Secret MP Gain Technique: 10% probability of gaining +30 MP each attack
  • Secret HP Regeneration Technique: 10% probability of gaining +10% HP each attack
  • Secret Lightning Technique: 10% probability of a lightning strike when attacking
  • Secret Wind Blast Technique: 10% probability of a wind blast when attacking
  • Secret Skill Technique: all skills +1 level

When reaching level 10 and 20, no title will be given to you: instead you will be sent a reward (postbox).

  • Level 10: Summoning Stone Random Cube (contains either Mobi RT, Kousika or Ancient Riding Poru (each 3 days); cannot be sold, cannot be traded and will be deleted at the end of the event)
  • Level 20: Red Mercenary Knight's Cape

2. Copy of Elesis' Secret Book
All characters excluding Elesis will receive the 'New Copier' item in the post once they have logged 10 minutes with the game. The Copier cannot be sold or traded and will be deleted at the end of the event.

  • Quest available from Aranka (level 10+, excluding Elesis): copy Elesis' secret book; requires 5 times dungeon with EXP; reward: 'Copy of Elesis' Secret Book' item (cannot be sold, cannot be traded and will be deleted at the end of the event)

The 'Copy of Elesis' Secret Book' can be opened using the 'New Copier' and contains a random item from the following list (all will be deleted at the end of the event):

  • 1x Orb Random Cube
  • 3x Luriel's Forgetfulness Pill
  • 1x Luriel's Elixir of Oblivion
  • 1x Wonder Drug Random Cube
  • 1x Secret Potion Random Cube
  • 1x Cube with Resurrection Stones (5 pieces)
  • 5x Luriel's Recovery Potion
  • 7x Luriel's Mana Elixir

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