Eldrit Seeker Collection – Synergy

Eldrit Seeker Collection – Synergy

You receive the following Synergy effects, depending on which characters are registered in your slots.

In order to get Synergy effects, characters with the same Synergy attribute must be registered.


Placing Synergy Attributes

1) Use: under [Character Window] > [Eldrit Seeker Collection] > [Synergy]

2) Place Synergy attributes:

- Click on a portrait in the ‘List of collection characters’ to place the character in the Synergy Slot.

- You receive 2 slots by default. You can buy 4 more with ED to have a total of 6 slots.


Synergy Effect

1) You can use the Synergy effect by purchasing [Eldrit Seeker Collection] Synergy Effect from Aranka.

2) The Synergy effect can be obtained in dungeons and sometimes in PvP, but not on Ereda Island.

   (In PvP: Revised Stats)

3) The number of Synergy attributes is increased by 1 depending on the collection level.

Class Change

Collection Level

Number of Synergy Attributes

1st Class Change, 2nd Class Change, 2nd Class Change (Transcendence)

Level 1


3rd Class Change

Level 2


Master Class Change

Level 3




1) The Synergy effect changes upon class change depending on the class.

2) Synergy contents (placing characters, slots, Synergy effects) differ for each individual character.

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