The decisive battle: Berrut’s Raid – Ghastly Spirit King’s Castle/Altar of Dreams


The decisive battle: Berrut’s Raid – Ghastly Spirit King’s Castle/Altar of Dreams

– The final battle in Pruinaum: Berrut’s Raid update

Berrut’s Raid is made up of 2 dungeons and a total of 6 battles.


Entry Requirements

Demon World Debuff


Resurrection Stone Limit

Ghastly Spirit King’s Castle

Lv. 99

Battle Strength: at least 1,500,000


3 to 6 characters


Altar of Dreams

* You can see the search party’s raid progress in the Aurora Base Area.

* The rewards system, reset time and ranking system in Berrut’s Raid all work the same as in the Varnimyr Raid.

The Soul Trace Coupon, Soul Crystal and Soul Symbol have been added to Berrut’s Raid.

* Soul Symbols and Soul Crystals can be exchanged for the following items:


Soul Symbol

2x Soul Symbol

10x Bingsu Dessert

2x Soul Symbol

10x Fossil Potion

2x Soul Symbol

Wonder Drug of Adaptability

100x Soul Symbol

Reward Cube (Pruinaum Raid)

500x Soul Symbol

Soul Trace Coupon


Soul Crystal

20x Soul Crystal

Soul Relic Requiem Weapon Cube

5x Soul Crystal

Soul Trace Coupon

5x Soul Crystal

Magic Stone Exchange Coupon

10x Soul Crystal

Raid Accessory Cube

3x Soul Crystal

Giant Magic Stone Exchange Coupon

2x Soul Crystal

300x Fossil Potion

1x Soul Crystal

1x Superb Glyph Stone (random purple, indigo or gold)



★ New legendary weapons: Soul Relic Requiem Weapons

Soul Relic Requiem Weapons

– Soul Relic Requiem Weapons can be upgraded to more powerful weapons in 5 development quests.

– The improvement effects and permanent effects of the Soul Relic Requiem Weapons are as follows:

Permanent Effect

Improvement Effect

Adaptability +5%

Upgrade level 10: attack, magic attack +10%

Upgrade level 11: attack, magic attack +10 Lv.

Glyph options: up to 3 options can be used

Upgrade level 12: polarisation 7%

Open Magic Stone Slot

Upgrade level 13: crit. damage: 10%



Celestial Prism Dye Coupon/Magic Stone Exchange Coupon

Celestial Prism Dye Coupon

Applies to

Celestial Prism Top, Leg Guards, Gloves and Shoes (orange, crimson, cerulean, deep blue, emerald, purple)


Use a dye coupon on Celestial Prism equipment to redye it to one of the following colours:

orange, crimson, cerulean, deep blue, emerald, purple.

Available in the item shop after maintenance.

Responsible NPC

Agaur (Elyanod)


Magic Stone Exchange Coupon

Applies to

Flames of Judgement Maain Weapon; Soul Relic Requiem Weapon


Use the Magic Stone Exchange Coupon to exchange magic stones for two selected weapons: (A ↔ B).

Red, Blue and Yellow Magic Stones are exchanged row by row, whereas Giant Magic Stones are exchanged stone for stone.
Available in the item shop after maintenance, or by exchanging Soul Crystals.

Responsible NPC

Hugo (Elysion), Alchemy Refiner (Elyanod).


Other improvements

1. The pop-up notification when using the Crimson Trace Coupon has been reworked.

– Previously: The rewards for the raid dungeon have been reset, and you will be able to receive them again.

– Now: The rewards for the Varnimyr raid dungeon in normal mode or story mode have been reset, and you will be able to receive them again.

2. HP of dummy NPCs in the free training area has been increased.

3. If there is only one item on an NPC’s item exchange list, from now on the exchange window will open straight away without the intermediate item select step.

4. Achievements were added for the titles for Master’s Road and Pruinaum.

5. The item exchange list for Stella in Besma has been reordered to correspond with the coins being exchanged.


★ Dungeons and PvP

1. Matching is now also possible when a group member is fishing.

2. Fewer thorns need to be defeated to complete the first stage in Varnimyr Raid: Never-Ending Darkness.



★ Further Changes and Improvements

1. Information on the following has been added to the guide: using Elyanod Magic Stones, granting magic and forging.

2. The number of Eldrit Shards that can be extracted has been increased: 100 → 300.

3. The max. stack of Eldrit essence has been increased: 300 → 1000.

4. If a time-limited title is active when an identical (time-limited) title item is used, only the duration of the most recently used item will apply and the first will be disregarded.

5. The guide interface for the 1st and 2nd class changes has been improved.

6. Some channel names have been changed.


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