New Character: Noah’s 3rd Path

★ New Character: Noah’s 3rd Path
Added Noah’s third path. You use Moonstones and the Relics of Atonement and Calm to help your allies.

* Sorrow Moon – Moon Pilgrim – Nyx Pieta


★ Noah’s Eldrit Seeker Collection

- Added the collection for Noah’s 3rd Path.

- Synergy attributes will be added later.

Collection for Noah’s 3rd Path

Collection Level

Collection effect

Level 1

Ignore enemy defence +0.4% (dungeon)

Level 2

Ignore enemy defence +0.8% (dungeon)

Level 3

Ignore enemy defence +1.2% (dungeon)

★ Noah’s Guild Flags

Added Noah’s flags (black and colourful) to the NPC Miyu under Service -> Flag.


★ Noah Event Dungeons

- Noah can enter the following dungeons: Elstar Debut Concert and Autograph Hour.

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