Maintenance - 28/08/2019

Listen up, heroes of Elios,

We will be carrying out server maintenance on 28/08/2019, starting at 09:00 AM CEST. The maintenance period will take at least 5 hours. Web services and server will not be reachable during this time.


Additional informations

New in the Shop

  • 1st Class Change: Rusty Child’s Fear
  • 2nd Class Change: Daydreamer’s Illusion
  • 3rd Class Change: Promise of Rescue
  • Daydreamer Class Change Coupon
  • Daydreamer Class Change Coupon (Transcendence)
  • Nisha Labyrinth Class Change Coupon
  • Belder Circle Pack
  • Sweet Dream: Premium Pack
  • Ice Sculpture Heater (Laby, Graceful Fairy)
  • Ice Sculpture Heater Pack (Laby, 1+1, Graceful Fairy)


The following item will be removed from the shop:

  • Summer Holiday Pack
  • 1st Fighting Lesson Pack (Laby)
  • Winter Joy Premium Pack (Laby)
  • Street Star Pack (Laby)
  • Place of Promise (Elsword-Ain)
  • Place of Memory (Elsword-Ain)


Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum and also on our social media channels on Facebook and Steam.

The Elsword Team

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