Strong in Body, Strong in Spirit

As a member of the honourable Haan family, protectors of the Soul Water and high-ranking kingdom officials, Ara was taught the ways of martial arts from the moment she could stand. Her weapon of choice is the spear, whose broad range forms a deadly symbiosis with her fast and agile fighting style. Ara's village was overrun by Demons, a calculated attack made by her brother Aren, who has risen up to become their leader under the name Count Belmez. Ara survived only with the help of the Fox goddess Eun, the protector of the Haan family. Eun and Ara united their powers and are now on the journey to claim back Aren from the clutches of the Demon world.

Your ability with the spear is truly impressive. If only you weren't always so proud and disciplined! I think we could've become best friends!

Aisha on Ara
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