Noblesse Oblige

In the time when the Nasod and Humans lived in harmony, Eve was a high-ranking Nasod and bore the title of 'Little Princess'. With the disappearance of the Eldrit, the Nasod were robbed of their powers. Eve was one of the lucky few to find refuge in a stasis chamber. She was reactivated when a piece of Eldrit landed nearby. By that time the Nasods had been wiped out and Eve faced a life of solitude. Her attempts to build more Nasod were met with failure. With her piece of Eldrit, she eventually succeeded in repairing the Nasod Core, which began to radiate energy again. She returned to her stasis chamber and hoped that one day, when the time was ripe, her fellow beings would awaken her. Instead, she was wrenched from her slumbers by the unwitting Elsword, who had slain her newly awoken friends. With her dreams shattered, she swore vengeance and set out to destroy Elsword. As her temper cooled, she eventually decided to join him. Eve realised that if they worked together, they stood a better chance of finding the Eldrit and helping her Nasod brothers.

In battle she uses the gravitons that float by her side. She can control other Nasod remotely, too. I don't quite know what I should make of her.

Elsword on Eve
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