Presenting the Weapon

... and the muskets, pistols, revolvers, the cannon, the gatling gun, the hand grenades, battle mechs, sniper rifle... Anna was once a very gifted child who was accepted into a military training programme at a very early age. Over the years, she developed into one of the best warriors in the Sky Kingdom, unsurpassed in her abilities with all kinds of firearms. Her intense training allowed her to fulfil a dream: to be taken into the 'Princess' Garden', the elite force responsible for the Imperial Princess' protection. There she was given the code name 'Rose' as a symbol for her battle prowess and beauty. As the signs of a coming catastrophe have become more frequent in the Sky Kingdom, the Imperial Princess sent her finest soldier to Elios to uncover the source of this catastrophe and to prevent it.

Tsk, gunpowder. Generating dirty explosions in the aim of accelerating lead clumps. What an outdated technology... Wait, no! I didn't mean it like that! Watch where you point that thing!

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